How Old do People Usually Become Irritable?


angry old manThere is saying that the older a person the grumpier they get. But it is true there is a certain age period when people begin to rarely smile. What age do people become grumpy?

Many old people becomes grumpy and easily gets angry as they get older though previously they were friendly and not easily angered. And according to recent studies, people are going to be irritable when entering the age of 52 years old.

Someone will laugh and smile less along with increasing age. And according to studies conducted by researchers in England, people will start to become irritable when entering the age of an 50, especially in the age of 52 years old.

Based on a poll conducted on 2,000 British citizens, it was found that people aged over 50 years laugh less and complain more than other participants who were younger.

Besides that, age also appeared to cause people to lose their sense of humor. Most participants over the age of 52 were only able to respond to two jokes, 14 percent did not respond to a joke at all.

If compared, the study also found that infants and children laugh on average 300 times a day, 6 times a day for teenagers, while  adults laugh 4 times a day, whereas for the elderly aged over 60 years only laughs 2 times a day.

Young adults aged over 20 year average laughs 4 times a day. But a sense of humor and laughter levels will rise for a while when they have children. Increase sense of humor can be seen when people enter the age of 30, namely to 5 times a day.

But when entering the age of 50, most participant could only laugh 3 times a day. Sense of humor will be lower with age and if we calculate then people will start to become irritable at the age of 52.

From this study it is also found that men are more quickly to  be grumpy than women of the same age.

Source: Reuters