How To Burn 500-600 Calories In A Day


weight lossDoes weight loss and burning calories give you shrills up your spine? Well, burning calories and achieving weight loss have perhaps become the most common phenomenon in the current day, especially noting a change in the mentality of the general populace towards staying healthy. How healthy we are and continue to be is directly contingent on the functioning of the body’s immune system. Adding to that, the food we consume substantially influences the operation of the immune system. This article speaks about ways to easily slash 500-600 calories in a day. Read on.

Burning calories is certainly no walk in the park. Without exercise, it is literally impossible to burn the requisite amount of calories to lose weight. With foods to consume as part of a healthy diet growing to become one of the biggest conundrums, it is only natural that people are often misguided. Moreover, with stressful work lives, people rarely get time to enjoy a gratifying exercise session. Did you know that burning calories is more than just possible by just eating healthy?

If you wish to lose around a pound of weight in say five days’ time, you will need to slash a minimum of 400 calories a day. If you take to exercise and also follow the below mentioned ways to easily slash 500-600 calories a day, the results will undeniably be quicker. This article speaks specifically about burning calories without an intense exercise regime. Here are ways to easily slash 500-600 Calories in a day.

Eating eggs:
Eggs are a brilliant source of protein and are among the most widely consumed protein foods. The benefit of consuming eggs doesn’t just stop there. Eggs also help in burning fat. Studies have evinced that people who consume 2 eggs a day during breakfast end up consuming lesser calories over the course of the day.

Keeping the metabolism rate high:
A healthy metabolism rate will disallow accumulation of unnecessary body fat. Eating at regular intervals, say once every 2 hours is recommended. But remember, you cannot eat just about anything. Bid adieu to carbohydrates and food replete in fat content. Raw vegetables and fibrous foods are a better option.

Water is perhaps the most essential requisite. Drinking water at regular intervals- (3-3 ½ litres over the course of the day) is highly recommended. Water also helps in augmenting the rate of metabolism, thereby helping the body to shed unnecessary fat.

Eating in front of the Television:
Well, this is something you definitely shouldn’t be doing if you wish to burn calories. Sitting in front of the television makes you eat more than what you consume for an average meal. Research studies have attested this.

Foods that burn Fat:
Here is a list of foods that help you burn fat.
a. Garlic b. Cardamom c . Mustard oil d. Buttermilk e. Moong Dal e. Honey f. Millets

Do not consume sugar drinks:
Avoid drinks with soda and sugar. As a matter of fact, you must strive to eliminate them completely.

By following these simple steps, the jinx of burning calories and achieving weight loss will no longer remain a myth.

source: boldsky

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