How To Choose A Good Personal Trainer


Choosing Personal TrainerPersonal trainers are becoming more and more en vogue in recent times. These are people who would work with you on a one-to-one basis and look after your personal development. Though today the term ‘personal trainer’ has come to mean a lot of things even personal coaches who help you learn something or develop spiritually are included in this category the traditional meaning of the term means someone who looks after the development and maintenance of your health and fitness. So, when you are looking for a trainer for yourself, you need to keep your eyes wide open. Here are the things you should be looking for.

The Qualifications

There are no educational qualifications needed (as yet) to become a trainer. However, you could assure yourself on the person’s ability and eligibility by looking at two things. One, how long has the person been training and who their clients are. Try to get in touch with some of the clients if possible. Two, see if the trainer you are selecting is the member of some reputed organization or club. These indicate that you are placing yourself in able hands that will provide you with quality training.

The Specialization

Are you looking for some kind of specialization? Most trainers are specialized in one or the other subject. For instance, you might be looking for training in a special form of martial arts such as the Tae Kwan Do or you might be looking for training in something spiritual such as Yoga. You need to find a trainer who is well-versed in these subjects, who has been training people for them and then approach them for your needs.

Remember that there are trainers out there who don’t have specialization in the subjects they are training, or people who are training for a lot of things without having mastery in any one of them. Be very sure if you want to appoint such a ‘Jack of all trades’ as your personal trainer.

The First Appointment

All personal trainers will give you an initial interview or appointment, which is a kind of a demonstration for you. Once you have got the contact of a trainer and you find that this person would be suitable for you, it is proper to book an appointment with them. During this meeting, take all your questions along and seek answers. Ask them about their approach and methods. This will give you a great idea of whether the trainer would be good for you.

Over and above everything else, remember that you need to be comfortable with your personal trainer because you will be working with them on an individual basis. Keep these things in mind and you will find a good trainer for you who could also become your mentor in the long run. by: Oliver Kwok

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