How to consume Raw Food in Delicious way


Since ancient times, raw food  is shown to provide many benefits for the body. Raw food is the term for foods that can be consumed without cooked in a certain temperature.

The tradition of eating raw foods in ancient society comes from the awareness of the benefits contained in these foods. In this recent years, the consumption of organic foods making raw food popular again. Then it leads to raw foods lifestyle, and dieters are often used raw food as main foods.

If you had never tried raw food, here are some tips. So you can feel the maximum benefits of raw foods.

1. Consumption of raw food in stages over a certain period. At the first stage, combine with cooked food so that your tongue was not surprised.

2. Stop eating raw food if you feel uncomfortable to avoid the trauma, then try again some time after you have calmed down.

3. Provide appropriate seasonings to add flavor. Keep an eye on its use so as not to be too much.

4. Get used to consume water or tea without sugar to obtain maximum benefit from raw food.

Good luck!