How to Cope with Babies Bites while Breastfeeding


breastfeeding biteSometimes while breastfeeding babies bite their mother’s nipple, this of course makes the mother shocked and sometimes creates a specific reflex. So, how to we cope with babies bite while breastfeeding?

The  baby’s first tooth growth varies in each child, but on average the first tooth appears at age six months. When the baby bites nipples, then the usual reaction of a mother is yelling or screaming.

This reaction will certainly surprise the baby and and will not repeat it or refuse to breastfeed again. But in fact there are some babies who became curious and tries to repeat it again to see the mother’s reaction. If the conditions are like that, then try to remain calm and quiet.

If the baby continues to bite, then parents should find out the cause and try  to satisfy the needs of the baby to bite in other ways. For example by giving him a special toy for the baby to bite.

There are many other reasons which makes babies bite while breastfeeding, according to Babycenter.

1. Babies fall asleep while breastfeeding.
Some babies sometimes bite when  the breastfeeding is almost done. Therefore notice the baby while breastfeeding, if they had started to weaken or their movement are getting slower then try to remove the baby’s mouth slowly.

2. As a form of diversion.
Some babies bite while trying to divert something. When they are annoyed and turn their head, then give attention to distract him.

If the baby is  going to bite, enter your pinkie to the corner of their mouth and put it between their gums. This condition would make the baby prefers to bite the finger. But do not pull it when the baby is biting, because it will cause more pain.

Here are some things you can do to stop the baby from biting while breastfeeding:
1. Try to look at the baby’s eyes by showing displeasure and try to stop breastfeeding.
2. If the child continues to bite, then give them more hugs, kisses and praise when thye managed to nurse without biting.
3. If the baby bites to attract attention, give them enough attention during breastfeeding, for example while talking to them
4. Learn to know the signs  when your baby will finish breastfeeding.
5. Try not to breastfeed them except unless they are really hungry.
6. Give them toys to bite and specifically given to babies  with new grown teeth before or after breastfeedings.