How to Cure Burning Stomach After Eating Chilies


burning stomachWhen eating chili, some people often feel the effects of heat in their stomach. Although it is not dangerous but it can be irritating. So how do we cope with this.

Chillies contain capsaicin, a substance that not only will add flavor to your food spicy, but also heats the stomach.

According to ScienceDaily, capsaicin in peppers serves to provide protection against natural predators. It is a compound that causes a burning sensation and hot when being touched or eaten.

Although there are many health benefits of chili, some people feel a burning sensation, heartburn or indigestion in the stomach after eating foods containing chilli.

According to Livestrong, here are some steps to overcome heat in the stomach after eating hot chili peppers:

1. Antacid
The first step to overcome the pain of chilli is taking antacids. Follow the instructions provided on the you use with the right dose. According to FamilyEducation, antacids are the most common way to treat stomach ulcers associated with spicy food.

2. Drink milk
Drink half a cup of milk to help neutralize the acid from eating spicy food. But you should not drink too much because it could irritate the stomach further, just half a cup only. Then sit in an upright position for at least 30 minutes after swallowing the liquid.

3. Lie down
Lie down or rest in an upright position. MayoClinic reports that raising the head puts gravity to work on the body. Lye down with a pillow under your upper body, so that your head is at least 15-20 cm above the foot. Lying in this position after eating chili peppers may help ease the burning sensation in the stomach.