How to deal with injection pain


deal with injection painFor some of us the most dreadful thought of visiting a clinic is getting injected with a syringe. Just the thought of it creeps many. There might be a reason associated with the fear. One such fear may be because of post injection butt pains. Though in reality the actual injection of syringe and pain associated with it is minimal, there are times when the pain persists well after returning home and sometimes it worsens with swelling.

Pain is caused when the injected oil/solvents are absorbed by the body and crystals are left behind or when you get injected quickly resulting in tearing of tissues. Pain in the first 24 hours is usually caused by heavy solvents, pain in the next few hours is usually cause by crystallization. Whatever the reason, one such bad experience would put you off for a long time.

Rub well
The most important point any doctor would tell you is to rub the injected part of your butt for a while after the injection. This process helps your body absorb the injected fluid and also avoid swelling. You are usually given a small cotton ball with alcohol based antiseptic which also helps in avoiding infections.

During the process of injection we tend to get tensed with the thought of a syringe. This tensing of muscle around the injected part of your butt results in more damage and pain thereafter. Its important you relax your muscle and distract your mind with some thoughts to ease the needle through without damage.

A while after the process of injection, make sure you relax and stretch the thigh and butt muscle by light walk or forward stretching to help the muscle and tissue around the injection point to get more blood flow and recoup faster. Do not sit around on the injected butt for too long after the injection.

Hot Pack
Use a mildly hot pack to rub or press onto the injected part of your butt. This will relax the muscle and also circulate more blood to the part helping you relieve pain sooner. This helps reduces your pain and also heal the small wound thus caused by the injection.

Hot needle or vial
It also helps if the there is an option to warm the vial before injection. If the injecting liquid can be warmed, dip the vial in hot water, which will lower the oils viscosity making it easier it pull into the syringe and injection. Similarly dipping the needle in hot water helps in reducing the pain.

Observe and report
Any normal injection pain to buttock lasts for less than a day. Unless the doctor insists the pain to persist for more than a day, you should immediately observe the injected area for rashes, infection or swelling. There might be a allergic reaction to the injection. In which case its advisable to contact the clinic or the doctor for treatment.

Written by: Madhu Babu/boldsky