How to determine the proper sleeping position

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Are you the type of person who often have trouble sleeping or often wakes with the condition of the body aching? It may be that your sleeping position is the cause of your problems. Most people do not know the importance of choosing the right sleeping position. Sometimes, insomnia is a symptom of certain diseases. By conducting an inappropriate sleeping position, people only adds the problem and makes the disease worse.

Dr. Carol Ash, a sleep specialist gives some predictions about your favorite sleeping position, as reported by Today Health, below.

1. Sleep on your back
Some people like to sleep on their back with one arm raised above their head. Sometimes this position can cause numbness when waking up. According to Dr. Ash, people often snore when sleeping on their back, especially when people are accustomed to lying, and holding one hand up. Raising hands over the head opens the rib cage. This then causes snoring and breathing problems.

2. Lying on your side
People who always sleep sideways often experience pain in the lower back. Dr Ash recommend that you sleep on your back, not too often sleep sideways. Sleeping on your back will keep the spine. Putting a pillow under your knees is good for your spine.

3. Sleeping on the side when injured
Sleeping position can become a habit. When you’ve slept in a certain position for too long, you will unconsciously return to that position when sleeping. Then how when injured? It could be your sleeping position makes injuries worse. Dr Ash recommends that you protect the injured area, such as supporting it with cushions. That way you’ll be more careful about it not time to sleep.

Are any of the positions above your sleeping habits? If so, now you know how to choose the correct sleeping position.

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