How to dispel nervousness before birth delivery


pregnant woman

By the time of delivery, you are feeling worried with nervousness. This nervousness is normal, especially for those who experience their first pregnancy. Banish your nerves by doing some of the following activities as reported by magforwomen.

1. Talk with your baby
Put your hand on your stomach and talk to your baby everyday. Babies can hear the sound and even understand what you are saying. Speaking to the baby can make your mind much more relaxed.

2. Still do activity
Pregnant women indeed needs a lot of rest. But resting all the time will reduce your flexibility and can affect your chances for normal deliveries. So, engage yourself in some light activities such as painting, singing, watching movies, cooking and others.

3. Read parenting books
For the first pregnancy, this is certainly very important. Prepare yourself with the right knowledge about parenting so that you have an idea how to raise you child.

4. More intimate with husband
A few days before delivery can make you stressed. Share concerns with your ??husband and get more intimate with him so that your burden load is reduced. Enjoy your time together, because after the baby is born most of your time will be devoted to your baby.

Enjoy the last days of your pregnancy. You should not make it a burden and feel stress which could affect your health.