How To Get Pregnant With A Daughter


pregnantDo you want to have a daughter? Researchers from the University of Maastricht, Netherlands, found that combining nutritional choices and time of sexual intercourse is the key for those planning a baby girl pregnancy.

Try to consume foods high in calcium such as yogurt, cheese blocks, salmon, spinach, tofu, almonds, oatmeal, broccoli, and oranges. Also, foods containing high magnesium such as cashew nuts, grain cereal, figs, and other nuts.

While foods that should be avoided is those that contain high levels of sodium and potassium such as bananas, anchovies, olives, smoked salmon, shrimp, savory rice, potatoes, processed meats, breads, and cakes.

Regulating nutrient intake alone is not enough. Couples who are planning a girl pregnancy are also encouraged to have sex on a regular basis, but not really before and after ovulation.

The study was conducted through a study of 172 women aged 23-42 years in Western Europe. All these women had previously had a boy pregnancy, and are wanting a girl.

All participants were then asked to perform a diet according to what is recommended, which is by increasing intake of foods which contain calcium and magnesium, as well as reducing the intake of sodium and potassium. They were also asked to perform sexual intercourse as directed.

Many participants failed to undergo the strict diet. However, of 21 women who stick with the diet, 16 of them successfully getting girl fetuses. “The results showed that both methods of diet and time of sexual intercourse increase the probability of having a daughter,”  researchers said, according to the Daily Mail.