How to Get Rid of Blackheads


treat blackheadsWhen having facials at the salon, blackheads around nose will be cleaned by the therapist. However, a few days or weeks later, the blackheads will come back and disturb performance.

Blackheads can not be left untreated. The longer left unchecked, it will make the skin pores get bigger. To prevent blackheads to come back, there are six easy steps you can do, according to Total Beauty.

1. Clean your face regularly
Always clean your face with regular and proper manner. Make sure all the skin had been cleaned, don’t leave makeup on while sleeping. Use salicylic acid-based cleaner, because it helps treat and prevent blackheads. It is also very good as an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.

2. Toner
Use a skin freshener that contains no alcohol, because it can make skin dry. Choose which contain natural ingredients that are antibacterial, such as teatree extracts. Freshener or toner could close pores and restore the mantle acid/ pH of your skin.

3. Special Care
Blackheads appear most frequently in the area around the nose. For that give special treatment in that area. You can use a serum containing Nyacinamide (vitamin B3) and papain (papaya enzyme). Both are very effective to remove blackheads.

Nyacinamide help heal acne prone skin and reduce oil on the face which is a component of blackheads. Papain serves as exfoliate, which helps remove dead skin cells that clog pores.

4. Moisturizers
Use oil-free moisturizer. Use ones that contains hyaluronic acid, to make the skin always mois. Do not forget to use sun cream protection during the day.

5. Scrub
Perform scrubbing twice in one week. Choose a soft texture and do it with a light massage. Scrubbing on a regular basis is the key to ward off blackheads to come back.

6. Mask
Use of kaolin-based mask twice a week. Kaolin prevent clogged pores which triggers blackheads and absorbs oil.