How to help children with Autism to be independent


Raising children with autism do need high patience. In addition, parents also need to apply appropriate methods to make them feel confidence and be independent. The point is accurate diagnosis, proper education, and strong support.

During this so much negative stigma about autism circulating in the community. Some say autism caused by witchcraft, autism is only suffered by the rich, autism was the same as insane, and autism was contagious. Stigma arises because public awareness about autism is still very minimal.

Actually we do not also have to blame society at large, many  people say that autism is a disease. The correct view is that children with autism are children who experience disruption in its development.

Autism is not an illness, autism is a condition.Promptly handle children with autism correctly, make sure that they get proper care. To deal with children with autism, the core of it is handling the diagnosis, education, and support.

In terms of diagnosis, which requires precise and accurate diagnosis by a specialist. Where’s that can become a benchmark that a child has autism, can be seen from the seven characteristics of children with autism, and if the child has two or more of these characteristics, it can be said that a natural child with autism.

Do it as early as possible because symptoms of autism typically appear before the child reaches the age of three years. In addition, appropriate education should also be given to shape children with autism become independent. If children with autism are given proper education, so they can independently, can understand and follow commands, able to sit and listen, and obediently waited their turn.

And that is all that should be mastered basic skills before entering school children with autism. If you want to put children to school, you should take early treatment long before these kids go to school and before entering school age. Teach the little things first, like his own pee, eat and drink alone, to be able to install their own buttons.

This helps the teacher shall so teachers are not overwhelmed by the time they enter school, at the age they are supposed to exist in schools. And the last is a strong support. Not only from parents or family, but from the surrounding environment including media support.

The division of these tasks can be run in accordance with the advantages of each character’s mother or father and the time they have. For instance if the father clever mathematics, then the task of assisting children to make math homework done his father.

Similar to the mother, if the mother is more advanced in terms of communicating, the mother who became manager and spokesman (spokesman) of the children to school affairs. Ideally, be open and honest communication. Mother or father can help make more confident and willing to get closer to children, for example with unpleasant tasks, like playing video game together.

However, there are some rules that must be adhered to and there are consequences for good or bad behavior. With enthusiasm, confidence, and patience, then be assured if the person raising children with autism become independent is not a mere dream.