How to Keep Fruits and Vegetables Stay Fresh


fresh fruits and vegetablesMany people provide a stock of vegetables and fruits in their refrigerator for a few days needs. But unfortunately, sometimes the freshness will be reduced. What causes this?

This case could happen because you store it less precisely. If so, how can we keep fruits and vegetables fresh for a long time? Follow the guidelines below by Times of India.

– Never store apples mixed with vegetables or other fruits

Apples release certain gases that reduce the freshness of fruits and vegetables that surrounds it. Similarly, tomatoes and cucumbers mixed together have the same effect. Never store them in the same place. Tomatoes release gases that can rotten a cucumber.

– Store cheese in an airtight jar

Storing cheese in an airtight container can help absorb moisture from the cheese. Moreover, it can make it stay fresh for longer period of time.

– Store potatoes in the refrigerator

Potatoes absorb odors from cooked foods. It also absorbs gas in the refrigerator so that it helps the surrounding vegetable and fruit to stay fresh. But you have to replace the potatoes every few days.