How to Keep Your Body Energized For Night Exercise


Exercise in the morning might give more results and is more healthy. However, if you have to be prepare to go to work, you often do not have time to exercise.

That is why many people choose to exercise in the afternoon or evening after finishing their daily routine. Constraints that often happens is feeling lazy, tired, and excessive sleepiness that makes you lack the energy to exercise after activity. For that, consider these three tips by Fitsugar so that it no longer occurs.

Healthy snack on time
Lunch at 12pm or 1pm is the right  time to eat to increase energy while you’re at work or in the office. Eating a snack in the afternoon to add the spirit to exercise is also a proper way.

However, eating too much before exercising can make you feel sick or just too lazy to move because you are too full. To that end, the correct solution is to eat a balanced snack at the right time, one that contains carbohydrates and protein to increase energy during exercise.

Drink water
Do you feel weak and have no strength while doing exercise at night? Dehydration can be a main cause. Make sure you meet the adequate intake of daily water, especially if you do activities  more strenuous than usual like exercising in the evening. If you do not consume enough water, you will surely feel dizzy when starting exercise. For that, always prepare a drinking bottle beside you when you exercise in the evening.

Additional energy
Coffee makes you more fresh and vibrant in the morning, and can also make you look forward to exercising in the evening, if you consume it in the afternoon. Studies have shown that consuming caffeine before exercise can help you increase your stamina and energy. However, if you drink coffee in the afternoon it will disrupt your bedtime routine, try consuming green tea.