How To Lose Weight Fast Using The South Beach Diet


lose weightWhether it is a bet or a new years resolution,wanting to lose a few pounds before you put on that swim suit for your upcoming vacation or just general health reasons most of us want to 

drop those pounds and as fast as we can.

A Doctor from the South Beach area of Florida has designed, developed and successfully used a diet that the average person can use and have quick results. His name is Arthur Agatston, M.D.

The program is called the South Beach Diet and and millions of people have successfully used the diet because it is so easy and it is designed by a doctor.

You start the program by filling out a profile of age, gender, weight height and target weight. Once completed you will receive a complete diet profile.

Once you receive your diet profile you enter the first of the three phases of the program. Phase one last for two weeks. This is where you get rid of all your cravings by eliminating most starches, sugars, alcohol or fruits. This is to stabilize your blood work.

You can have lean meat, chicken,turkey,fish and shellfish. Eat lots of vegetables, eggs ,low fat cheese and certain types of nuts.

If you can make through the first two or three days of phase one you will be amazed how easy it is after that.

You will eat three times a day and have two or three snacks in between meals. There is no measuring portion sizes or counting calories with the plan.Your meals are normal size , enough to satisfy your hunger.

Phase one is the strictest part of the diet. After phase one you should notice a weight loss of some 8 to 12 pounds from where you started.

After initial two weeks on the program those cravings for the sugars and bad carbs will be gone and by just modifying what you eat you will continue to lose weight.

Upon entering phase two of the diet you can start reintroducing some of the foods that were eliminated in phase one. You can have bread and pasta again, fruit and potatoes also.Some chocolate is you desire but in moderation.

So that is phase two where you stay until you reach your target weight. The weight loss is slower than phase one but you should lose one or two pounds per week.

Once you hit your target weight is when phase three begins.Phase three is a more forgiving version of phase two which maintains your weight for the rest of your life. The program should be a way of life by now.

The preceding is an overview of the program and a more in-depth information is available from the on-line program and the book.

As well the on-line program offers you many other benefits such as recipes, meal plans, dietary coaching, shopping lists,success stories and discussion forums to name a few.

If you stick to this program you will get the desired results.

Watch for my next article which goes into more details about the South Beach Diet Phase1. by: Richard Gibb