How to Lose Weight Without Exercise or Diet!


drink-waterThe desire to have a slim body is sometimes not matched by effort or hard work to make it happen yet many people want to lose weight without exercise or diet. Most people nowadays wants a more practical way to gain the most weight loss effect they can without having to suffer from heavy exercising or having to go through a dreadful tight diet method. Some people even believe that consuming fresh food is better than diet to lose weight.

Lots and I mean lots of people just simply prefer the instant path to gain the perfect body of certain weight target by following many various methods that are available out there which promises maximum results with minimum efforts.

Well, although you obviously won’t get the maximum result of losing weight like what you’ll get if you perform regular exercise or do a strict healthy diet, there are actually certain ways or methods that you can try to at least help you lose weight if you are too lazy to exercise or not interested in changing your diet. The result will be far more effective if you perform this weight loss tips below with regular exercise or a strict diet, but if those things are not for you at the moment then you can try out these tips on how to lose weight without diet or exercise, as reported by MSN.

1. Drink a glass of water before meal

One of the most important thing you need to pay attention to when you are trying to lose weight is of course the intake of foods. It is best to consume healthy foods which is important for one’s diet if they intend to at least maintain the weight the have. Not only is it important in maintaining or helping you lose weight, food intake choice will also help you avoid certain diseases which you may get from constantly consuming unhealthy foods.

Another thing to notice besides the quality of foods you eat is to limit the food intake entering your body. There is simple method that you have to try to help you reduce your food intake without having you to suffer from hunger which is by drinking a glass of water before having a meal. This easy method is proven to be very effective to reduce the meal you have because you will feel full before having to eat. By drinking a glass of water your body will stay hydrated and you will instantly feel more full which eventually helps prevent overeating.

2. Making some simple changes in every meal.

It is obvious that the choice of foods that you decide to eat will contribute a lot on the calories you consume, so it we can only advise you to be smart in choosing the foods you will eat.

One tip that you should try is to make little changes that give you a lot of benefits in losing weight. Some example you can do are for example like using a vinaigrette dressing instead of Green Goddess sauce during lunch which can save 80 calories. Besides that you can try choosing fresh fruit instead of dried fruit which can save calories too.

This little changes provide a huge difference in the end as it can avoid you from consuming too much calories which in the end will help you lose weight without exercise or diet.

3. Eat a piece of dark chocolate for dessert.

One thing that makes people gain a lot of weight is deserts. It is best for you to choose fruits for deserts as it will contain less calories then for instance a chocolate cake.

The calories contained in sweets like cookies, cakes, and ice cream are known to be quite high so it is best for people who are trying to lose weight. So as a simple advise to you, instead of choosing cookies, why you eat a piece of dark chocolate or other healthy snacks because you can save calories.


4. Control your portions when eating

If you want to lose weight, it’s obvious that you should not eat too much. Yes, controlling your meal portion could be crucial in your quest to lose some weight. Every meal portion control is important.

One tip that you may try is to use a smaller plate when you eat. By doing that you will feel as if the food portion is bigger because of the smaller plate, and it will make you feel full.

5. Move.

If you do not dedicate all your time to exercise, you can burn some extra calories by trying to at least move a lot during the day.

If spend most of your time at work it means that you will spend a lot of time sitting on your desk, you should try to take breaks and walk around the office. Another tip for you to try it to chose to use the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator, that should be a nice workout at the office.

You could also try to park your car a bit further away from your office so you can take a little walk everyday. These simple methods can help you burn calories without you feeling burdened.

6. Do stay hungry for too long.

A small feeling of hunger is sometimes good for you, but of you feel hungry throughout the day you will tend to overeat during dinner.

Eat at the right time to avoid blood sugar levels to drop.

So, those are some health tips that you can try to be able to lose weight without exercise or diet, try to change your life habits today and live a healthy and happy life, Good luck!