How to Maintain Your Body Energy


energy at work

Long working hours, poor food intake, and lack of rest, deplete nutrients stored in the body. It also causes fatigue.

Knowing what will improve the vitality of the body and what reduce energy, according to the book Food That Harm, Food That Heal, will help you stay fit.

What Drains Vitality:

* Alcohol. Consumption of  too much alcohol may interfere your rest at night. If you can not stop the habit of drinking alcohol, make sure you don’t consume over the safe limit. Try one or two alcohol free days a week.

* Smoking. At the beginning of nicotine does stimulates the brain, but then will act as a depressant. Smoking will deplete micronutrients such as vitamins B and C. This means extra hard work for antioxidants to detoxify the body.

* Anxiety and stress. Perform routine daily activities that keep the mind away from problems. Meditation, listening to music, or gardening are believed to calm the mind and lead us away from trouble.

* Allergies. Fatigue can be a symptom of allergies to certain foods.

Vitality Enhancer:

* Sleeping. A good night sleep or afternoon nap will rest the mind and increase energy.

* Breakfast. You will feel tired if you force on to do all kinds of activities all morning with no energy intake. Having breakfast like bread, cereal, fresh fruit, and yogurt in the morning will increase your vitality.

* Fresh air. Take a walk for a moment to get fresh air you will relieve fatigue.

* Take a deep breath. Inhaling oxygen into the body is one way to release stress and increase vitality. Try to relax and breathe. Count to four. Exhale through your mouth (keep the fixed jaw relaxed) and count to eight. Repeat until you feel fresh.