How to make the right and healthy fruit juices


healthy fruit juicesMaking your own juice at home is not difficult. Rather it is more secure, because you are prepared without using preservatives or sweeteners. But is the juice you make really healthy? Do not let the nutrients in the juice disappear as a result of process. Here’s how to get  a healthy juice as reported by the Third Age.

Food safety
Ensure that equipment and materials that will be used is completely clean. Wash the fruit to remove contaminants that sticks. Equipment that is not sterile will bring disease to you.

Equipment that is easy to wash
Good juicer or blender equipment should be easily cleaned. The rest of the juice left in the blender that is not cleaned will bring a lot of bacteria.

Need to peel fruit or not?
There are several types of vegetables and fruits that do not need to be peeled in order not to reduce the fiber and pectin substances that are on the skin, such as carrots and vegetables. However, if the fruit you use is not organic, it should be washed with a special soap and rinse with water.

Do not add sugar
Too much sugar can damage the good nutrients in the juice. Use as needed, when it is less sweet add honey.

Immediate consumption
Good and healthy juices should be made immediately and drink immediately. If stored for a long time, the content of enzymes and nutrition will be reduced. That is, you do not get the optimum benefits of the juice made??. To get a better absorption of nutrients, you should consume on an empty stomach.

Do not filter
Juices should not be filtered, because the fibers that are essential will be wasted.

Get healthy and fresh juice rich in benefits for the body to become more fit.