How to Overcome Excessive Sweat


excessive sweatingExcessive production of sweat is certainly very annoying. Usually this occurs in the area of one’s palms, underarms, legs and heels. As a result, clothes quickly gets wet, object held also become  slippery.

There are also those who experience excessive production of sweat on the face area. This makes their face look so wet and oily. There are millions of sweat glands spread across the surface of the skin. Each gland is capable of producing sweat.

But the density of the gland may be higher in some areas compared to other areas. For example you may have a higher density of glands on your foot or on your right armpit  compared with other areas of your body.

To overcome the problem of excessive sweating, there are five steps you can do, according to yahoo lifestyle.

1. Use antiperspirants
The use of antiperspirants can reduce the production of sweat glands. Find those that contains aluminum chloride and use every two hours, not after you shower.

2. Cornflour
You can rely on corn flour sold in supermarkets. Put it in the area of excess sweat production. Or choose organic baby powder made from corn flour.

3. Avoid consumptions of spicy food
Bad body odor often occur because of the food you eat. Try to avoid or reduce the consumption of foods containing a lot of chili and garlic, because it can trigger the production of excessive perspiration and body odor.

4. Select cotton clothing
In dressing, choose a material that absorbs sweat and feels comfortable, like cotton. Avoid using artificial materials such as polyester. It can attache the skin and restrict airflow

5. Reduce consumption of antidepressants
According to the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners, some medications such as aspirin and antidepressants, can also increase production of sweat.