How to overcome swollen feet and hands during pregnancy


swollen feet and hands during pregnancyPregnancy and swelling of the body is in line. Swelling does not only occur in the stomach, but your whole body. There are two main causes of swelling during pregnancy, water retention in the body and increased blood volume. Here are some effective way to cure swelling during pregnancy, as reported by Boldsky.

Often moving
If you stop moving at all, then you are more likely to swell during pregnancy. Sitting idle obviously increase water retention in the body, this is what triggers the swelling. So diligent walk leisurely or do exercises that recommended by your doctor.

Soaking in water can help you feel lighter and cheerful. So you can try to swim to cure swelling during pregnancy. If that is not possible, then soaking the body in the tub can also help. But make sure that the water is not too hot because hot water is not good for pregnant women.

Straighten legs
Sitting in the office for a long period of time can cause leg swelling. Stretch your body needs in order to smooth blood circulation. So put a small stool under your desk so that the foot can not be bent back and continue.

Sleep on your left
Laying down facing left helps improve circulation. Try to lie on the left side as often as possible.

Reducing salt intake
When you are pregnant, your body tends to retain more water. This is called edema. Salt as you know, hold more water in the body. So reducing your salt intake to reduce swelling during pregnancy.

The above tips can help heal swelling during pregnancy. So, what do you do to get relief from swelling during pregnancy?