How to Prevent Foot Pain While Jogging


foot pain while joggingPhysical exercise such as brisk walking or jogging is one of the best ways to build muscles and burn body calories. However, all these positive benefits could sacrifice the health of your feet. Besides pain in the feet area, other problems that often arises are for example the nails blackened and blood flow not smooth. You should avoid injury when running. To avoid these problems, try these following tips.

Black nails
When the shoe does not fit the feet, the legs can move forward in every step. This can damage the nail, so that the skin under the nail bleeds. This is called a hematoma, also known as subungual. This can cause pain and eventual loss of the nail.

To prevent: make sure that the size of the shoe fits your foot, not too tight and not too loose. There must be a span of distance between the shoe tip and the toe area. Cutting nails regularly can also help prevent this problem.

Heel pain
Heel pain, this is a common problem experienced by those who just started to try a running or jogging exercise. The friction on the heel bone can cause foot blisters, and if it is severe, you will also feel pain.

To prevent: Do not try to save money by wearing long boots because the soles are thin can also cause heel pain. Walking very far on a hard surface such as pavement can also cause pain. So if you are new in jogging, increase your mileage slowly and do in the area that the surface are not too hard, like grass.

Skin of your feet may be thicker than the skin of the body, but when exposed to constant friction, and then experienced humidity and hot temperatures, the liquid will become pus and can continue to grow on the top and bottom layers of the skin. If broken, it can sting and cause infection.

To prevent: If you buy new shoes, do not immediately use it for running or jogging in long periods. Wear it and make your feet used to the new shoes gradually. If your feet begin to experience problems, cover with bandage to prevent further irritation.

Dry skin
When skin becomes very dry feet, running, brisk walking or jogging done regularly can cause heels cracking and even peeling.

To prevent: If foot is dry, use a pumice stone to shed dead skin cells, then apply moisturizer regularly. When not running, avoid wearing footwear such as sandals that expose your skin, because it can make the skin drier.