How to prevent pain caused by sensitive teeth


Many factors led to a sense of aching in the teeth caused by sensitive teeth. To avoid this, find out what the causes and how to anticipate them.

Toothache can change things and someone to be a bad mood, grumpy, and more sensitive. Moreover if the pain sensitive teeth because teeth are not aware of his arrival. Indeed, overcoming a toothache is not easy, especially if the toothache is caused by sensitive teeth problem.

Tooth sensitivity is a general term that indicates the existence of dentin hypersensitive (DH), namely the opening of dentin due to thinning of email and / or lower gums.

Dentin have channels that are very small, directly related to the dental nerve. When the loss of email as a protective layer, stimulation of food and beverages will be directly related to dentin and forwarded to the tooth nerve causing pain that is referred to sensitive teeth.
Research conducted in October 2009 was conducted on 1045 people aged between 15-64 years from different economic groups. From the study found that 65 percent of respondents have experienced sensitive teeth and this most often occurs when you consume food or drinks cold.

In addition, research results also mentioned that 52.4 percent of women and 47.6 percent of men experienced sensitive teeth. On average they were in their productive age.

In his book, “Epidemiology of Dentine hypersensitivity,” Bartold said that complaints of sensitive teeth more prevalent in women than men. These complaints can arise anytime and to anyone, in which case it is more often found in the age between 20-40 years. However, do not close this case may also be found in those aged adolescents and even in old age.

They are naturally sensitive teeth may experience discomfort in a certain period of time. Will soon feel the pain when consuming food or drinks cold and hot. Some causes of these sensitive dental problems, such as tooth brushing habits in ways that are inaccurate, and a decrease in gum disease, poor oral hygiene conditions, plaque buildup, abrasion email, and action tooth whitening (bleaching) is excessive .

How sensitive tooth reduction may vary, depending on the case of sensitive teeth. For example, if the damage caused by sensitive teeth tooth fillings, then the patches must be repaired immediately. And if the tooth is sensitive due to wrong brushing, it is by knowing how to vote or how to brush your teeth a good brushing.

As for mitigation can be done with home care (home treatment), ie with a good tooth brushing. Choose a toothpaste that contains potassium citrate. Also, do also care at the clinic to discover the main causes of tooth sensitivity and improve the complaints of patches that are damaged or structural abnormalities of dental hard tissues such as caries, erosion, abrasion.