How to Quickly Calm Yourself In Two Minutes



Did you forget to relax and breathe after spending a tiring day at work? You should not forget this, because if not then your mind and body can be disrupted. You may night realize it, but work can mentally disturb you.

Here are some very simple and quick ways to calm down in less than two minutes, as reported by the Times of India:

1. Breath, breath and breath

Take a deep breath and inhale air for at least three seconds and then exhale. Repeat this breathing exercise three times.

2. Walking barefoot

Even in your office, you can do this. All you need is a place where you can walk barefoot. It is also a great way to relieve stress.

3. Focus on breath and words

Focus on something that you really want to happen, for example, you want to lose weight, close your eyes and take a deep breath and say the words lose weight.

4. Relax like a baby

Lying flat on the floor with your knees bent, breathe deeply that it allows your body to calm down.

5. Take a walk

Get up from your chair and walk around the table, as this will help increase blood flow and relieve tension.