How to Reduce Toxins in Your Body


How to Reduce Toxins in Your BodyToxins are present everywhere in our food, water and air. Inhalation or consumption of these toxins are  carcinogenic and may cause cancer. Syeda Kiran Zahra Hussain, Certified Holistic Nutrition Therapist, SNHS , UK. Certified Health Coach, IIN, US, shares simple ways to reduce our exposure to toxins.

Say ‘NO’ to canned foods

If you include lots of canned foods, in your diet, then limit them, as canned foods, contain BPA – a pollutant, which can increase the production of free radicals in your body and deplete the antioxidant reserves of your body.

Don’t use plastic bottles

Drinking water is very good for your health, but avoid sipping water from plastic bottles. Plastic bottles also contain BPA, which can harm your body’s elimination process.

Be cautious while putting on make-up

Your shiny gloss or perfect blend foundation, are mostly made up of phthalates and Triclosan. These chemicals can disrupt your endocrine system and cause a hormonal imbalance. So, be cautious while using make-up on your skin, because what you do to your skin can have a great impact on your health.

Avoid junk food

Cigarette smoking, chewing tobacco, drinking soda and eating junk food, have always been considered harmful, because it increases your risk of various lifestyle diseases and makes you prone to obesity. Also reduce your intake of alcohol, drugs and coffee to minimise toxic harm.

Beware of household cleaners

Most cleaning products contain a by-product know as dioxin. This chemical is very harmful, as it can disrupt your endocrine levels, your immune system modulator and increase your risk of cancer. Besides, it also hampers detoxification of the liver. So, be mindful while using cleaning products at home.

Going to the dentist? Be careful

Generally, when germs erode our teeth, our dentist fills them with silver-mercury fillings. These mercury fillings can cause autoimmune and neurological problems in the future. So, be careful while filling cavities. The best way to avoid any problem is by taking lots of precautions and care of your oral health.

Increase healthy foods in your diet

Foods like grapefruit, onions, garlic and cruciferous vegetables have great detoxifying properties. So, increase the consumption of these foods to detoxify your liver, and stay healthy.

Eat lots of protein

Protein rich foods like chicken, beans and eggs, will not only help you stay full for a longer duration but also boost your detoxifying process.

Avoid charbroiled meat

The charbroiling or grilling method for meats can increase free radicals in your body and hamper the detoxification process. So, avoid eating these foods.

Never pop a pill without a prescription

Pharmaceutical drugs can hamper the detoxification process in the liver, because excess intake of medicines can damage your liver and kidneys. To avoid this, only take medication if it has been approved by your physician.


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