How to Remember People’s Names


As people get old, the brain’s ability to keep memory will continue to decline until finally senile. One indication is easy to forget the names of people they know. Well there are actually 3 steps to train the memory of a people’s names.

Interactions with many people often make the memory of people’s names easily removed or swapped. In daily life, we can easily find several people with similar name or face, so gets more difficult to remember their names correctly.

Aging expert and director of the Center of Aging at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Gary Small has a powerful way so that the brain easily remember the names of people. According to MSN, the steps are divided into 3 steps which are Look, Snap, and Connect.

Step 1: LOOK
Look and focus your view on the face of someone who’s name you want to remember.

Step 2: SNAP
Create a snapshot of the name and face based on characteristics that stand out, such as wide ears, sharp nose, curly hair and so forth. You can also imagine the words or other objects associated with the person’s name such as cat to remember Mr. Katz, or a paper bill (bill) for Mr. Bill.

The third step is to connect the two previous steps, which is picturing physical appearance or other things that characterizes people who’s name you want to remember.

For example, to remember someone named Agustin with characteristic thin hair, remember as Agustin whose head is slightly bald. Or remember Angela Shirnberger as a woman named Angela who always have shiny shoes (shirny) and like to eat hamburgers.

If you’ve managed to remember the name of the person, then that memory must be more often used so that you do not quickly forget. Psychiatrists from the University of Wisconsin, Ken Robbins advised to use it as often as possible while conversing.

The more often saying the name of someone, the more attached to that name in memory. Therefore, try to mention the name in conversation.