How to sharpen the Brain Memory


Age increases, brain memory decline. Certain lifestyle help these gray cells working in prime condition. So, do not think menopause is ready specter slowly erode your brain.

Ever wonder how some people do not lose the memory in the not so young age? In a study published in the journal Neurology, researchers tested 2,500 people aged 70 years to measure their cognitive abilities.

The result, half of the participants experienced a decrease of normal brain function, while 30 percent of likely participants showed no changes, including improvements in brain function. What’s the secret? Natural Solution show you how to keep your brain memory remains sharp.


Further, the study above also showed that participants who regularly exercise one or more times a week, probably 30 percent of her brain function is more preserved than those who did not regularly exercise.

“Exercise produces the growth of new brain cells called the hippocampus, part of the brain important for learning and memory,” said Alexandra Fiocco PhD, head of research from the University of California, San Francisco, suggested the reason.


The researchers found that high levels of educational background are taken by the participants, helped keep their brains sharp. But education is not just formal education.

“The direction is more to how to learn, your brain is challenged to keep thinking. I think, reflects the education of individuals who tend to challenge themselves, “said Fiocco.

No smoking

Smokers are twice as large as possible to lose brain function than non-smokers. Fiocco said, smoking increases oxidative stress levels (condition in which the amount of free radicals in the body exceeds the body’s capacity to neutralize / Wikipedia) in the brain that inhibit cognitive function.

Other studies published in the American Journal of Public Health, showed similar results, that smokers of productive age has decreased faster in verbal memory than non-smokers.


The study participants who worked, volunteered, or living with other people their cognitive abilities 24 percent greater than those who tend to live alone. Social interaction requires memory and attention that helps in many other cognitive tasks.

“If you isolate yourself and to act passively in the environment, such as just watching television all day, you make the brain does not work optimally,” said Fiocco.


Natural chemicals in food, spices, and certain beverages can fight the decline in cognitive function and memory helps keep the brain active. Material in the intention, among asparagus, blueberries, coconut, coffee, egg yolk, red wine, rosemary, salmon, tomato sauce, and walnuts.