How to Strengthen a Child’s Immune System


The immune system is responsible for keeping the body safe from diseases. However, children are not born with a strong immune system so it is necessary to strengthen it so that children are not susceptible to the disease.

While living in the mother’s womb, a baby is in a very protected environment. But when they came out, various viruses and bacteria will be waiting. That is the reason why babies get sick more often.

As they grow, their immune system will grow stronger if given proper input. But if the protection afforded is too much, then it could give a not good result because it can weaken the immune system.

Here are some things you can do to strengthen the immunity of a child, according to Lifemojo.

1. Exclusive breastfeeding
Naturally the mother’s body has been awarded enough milk to increase the antibodies and white blood cells that can strengthen the immune system of infants. Mothers need to breastfeed their babies at least during the first 6 months exclusively.

2. Fresh food
Fresh foods like fruits and vegetables are rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, which can enhance the immune system. If you want to give your child a snack, give fruits such as apples, oranges and other seasonal fruits, instead of biscuits or chips.

3. Avoid junk food and processed food
Various chemicals and additives in processed foods have the capacity to harm the immune system.

4. Exercise
Exercise is an effective immune enhancer for children. Children should not just sit in front of the TV every time they are at home. Rather than telling your children to play while you watch TV, it’s better to set some sporting activities with the children. This way, it will be a family time with a good bond and also energetic. In addition to improving a child’s immune system, it can also increase your body’s immune system.

5. Personal hygiene
The habit of washing hands after going to  the toilet, when your hands are visibly dirty, before eating or touching foods must be taught to children early. Another important thing is that parents should pay attention to replace the child’s toothbrush more often. A toothbrush is a carrier of germs.

6. Getting enough sleep
Children need more sleep than adults to stay healthy. Lack of sleep can make adults less than optimal and lower immune system, it will also affect children’s immunity. According to experts, preschool children need 10 hours of sleep, toddlers 12 to 13 hours, and newborns 18 hours of sleep.