How to Wake Up Without Stress


wake up without stressEven when the alarm has gone a few time, many people usually get up only to turn it back off and go strait back to bed.

Feeling reluctantly to get up from bed in the morning often happens. This could be due to a lack of sleep which cannot satisfy your rest, or could also be caused by feeling of laziness in facing the daily routine work.

What should you do to be able to wake up with enthusiasm and energy,  try following these simple tips:

Rub your Ears
If you have are already awake but still too lazy to open your eyes and get out of bed, Try rubbing your earlobes with your eyes closed. Rubbing with your thumb on the back of the ear towards the top and bottom. Do it 20 times.

* For blood circulation
* Eliminates Drowsiness

Hands on Forehead
Put your right palm on your forehead and place left palm on top. Change the position of your palms. Do it 20 times.

* Relaxes tense muscles around the head
* Eliminate the feeling of tired on the head

Eye massage
Massage your eyelids and the areas around the eyebrows with the tip of the thumb. Do it 15-20 times.

* Relaxes the nerves around the eyes
* Eliminates Drowsiness around the eyes

Abdominal massage
Place your palms on your stomach. Wipe-rub all parts of the abdomen to make it feel warm.

* Streamlining the blood circulation around the abdomen
* To assist the process of releasing gas from the stomach
* Relax the abdominal muscles

Stomach Games
After rubbing it, do the Stomach Games. Pat your belly. Then do a drawing movement on the stomach. Breathe in and out.

* Strengthening the abdominal muscles
* Good to train the power of organs like liver, kidney and digestive system.