How Yoga Can Help You Prevent and Treat Diabates


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Diabetes is a leading cause of death, not only to us, but in many countries where poor eating habits create problems of obesity and diabetes.

What is diabetes? – The Insulin

Diabetes appears when the body does not produce or does not properly use insulin, the hormone regulates the level of sugar in the blood. When all body functions work properly, your pancreas produces insulin, which converts sugar you eat into energy and that is in your blood as glucose. And insulin helps you to be fit and improves memory and the ability to learn.

Diabetes type 1 and 2

If the pancreas cannot produce insulin, either because of a genetic problem or a viral infection that caused autoimmune disorder is called diabetes type 1. Sugar cannot be converted into energy so the body uses fat for energy, which can quickly lead to weight loss, as well as fatigue or exhaustion. Injections of insulin should be taken so that the cells distribute insulin in the body and prevent them from having levels of sugar in the blood are too high.

Type 2 diabetes is more common, and it is called the double disease of obesity. While Type 1 diabetes is mainly diagnosed in children and adolescents, type 2 diabetes can occur at any age. It can be inherited, but it is also often caused by stress or by an excess of body fat. The pancreas produces less insulin, and the cells seem to be too lazy to use – it is commonly called the insulin resistance. The consequences are urination, frequent thirst and hunger.

The treatment of diabetes

The two types of diabetes can cause complications in the body. Patients with diabetes should be careful to keep their sugar level normal. Conjunction with insulin injections and a proper diet, regular exercise is recommended.

People with type 2 diabetes can largely relieve their problems. Of course, weight loss is a primary goal. After here, maintain a healthy weight is important and Yoga for Diabetes is the appropriate practice to help you. You can do some specific asanas and exercises that help you physically in case of diabetes. If your problem is that your pancreas has stopped working properly, you can find the total usage of the pancreas by performing yoga postures appropriate. Whenever we forget to do physical exercise, our body functions reduced. If you’re overweight, and you do not move your body, your cells no longer use insulin properly. When we become lazy, the functions of our body are also becomes lazy. Yoga is the perfect exercise for diabetes because you can start at home slowly at first without much effort.

As Yoga regards the body, mind and soul, it also helps you feel better and be aware of your body. You will regain consciousness in the level of your blood sugar just by feeling inside your body. Increasing the awareness of when you should eat and when you should reduce the absorption of sugar, Yoga and meditation helps you to find balance and feel your body.

Yoga promotes a healthy lifestyle, a healthy absorption of sugar, and an easier life and lighter than before!

by Rajesh Kumar