Humans can smell fear?


A study says that humans are able to sniff fear and disgust. In addition, the scent of fear will also trigger the same emotion in other people’s brains.

“These findings seemed to contradict common assumptions that had been circulating about human communication can only take comes through language or visuals alone,” said Gun Semin and a team of researchers from Utrecht University in the Netherlands, according to The Daily News.

As has been reported in the Psychological Science journal, researchers analyzed 10 male sweating underarm when watching horror movies (The Shining) and disgusting scenes of the television show on MTV (Jackass).

Then, the researchers asked 36 women to meet the men. Unconsciously, the women also smell the sweat of men. Researchers then noticed their eye movements. They found that when a woman smells the ‘sweat of fear’ of men, their eyes are wide open giving the expression like fear.

However, the study is not the first time mentioning that humans can smell fear. Earlier, in 2008, there was a study that revealed the chemical signals emitted by a scared person’s body through sweat that can trigger the same emotion in other people’s brains.