Hundreds of Children in England Suffer from Obesity


child obesityThis is a quite surprising finding. In England, hundreds of children and even infants suffer from obesity. There is even a child who suffered a stroke at the age of six years old.

Based on data released by the Freedom of Information Action, 66 of 168 England hospitals, in the last five years there are 5,500 children under the age of 16 who are treated due to obesity. According to The Telegraph, the children underwent surgery such as gastric surgery and gastric bypass to reduce obesity.

From that data, there is one case where a 15-year-old boy weighing 156 kilograms was treated in North Staffordshire, England before being taken to Mexico for a stomach surgery. Besides that, the entire family also had to follow a healthy eating course.

“I even dealt with children aged two years, and we know more often find patients in a very early age,” said Dr. Ken Ong of Addenbrooke’s hospital in Cambridge, England.

Those who come to the hospital were patients who had experienced extreme obesity. However, there are many more children who are obese in the community who have not been reported.

People generally think that they would only be overweight as a child and will grow normally in the future. However, according to a study at the Addenbroke’s hospital, the children continue to suffer from obesity until they become adults, and even tends to get worse.