Hypertension can harm your eye


Hypertension can harm your eyeEyes are the most sensitive part of the body. It is not enough to maintain eye health by eating foods rich in vitamin A alone, but the mind also plays a rle. People who are stressed can trigger high blood pressure which leads to blindness. So what is the relationship between blindness and hypertension? Check out more as quoted from Healthmeup below.

As already explained, hypertension can occur due to stress which then lead to vision loss and blindness, if not treated immediately. High blood pressure not only affects the heart but disrupt the blood supply to the eye, which then forms a clot and destroy them.

Besides that, hypertension causes blood vessels to constrict, leak, and even hardened over time due to excessive and sustained pressure against the walls of blood vessels. In some cases, it can make the optic nerve to swell and cause vision problems.

To prevent vision problems caused by high blood pressure, you have to change the pattern of life. Control blood pressure by reducing stress in your life. Do not easily panic and try to be calm.

Enjoy life with a sense of calm and avoid thinking about protracted problems that can make you stressed. Do exercise or meditation for the mind to stay relaxed.