Ice Cream Can Treat Migraines


ice cream treat migrainesPreviously, it was known that there are some foods that can relieve migraines. Well, a new study had found that Ice cream is able to treat headaches. The study shows, how ice cream and cold drinks serve as a springboard for the treatment of headaches, including migraines.

There are many causes of migraines, the invention disclosed in the Experimental Biology conference in the United States proved that a headache is a disease that causes their sufferers difficult to concentrate and learn. Headache also has  unexpected properties, that often puzzles scientists.

Headaches due to a bite of ice cream and drink ice water is said to be easier to learn. In their research, scientists at Harvard Medical School United States, traced the flow of blood to the brain when a person drinks cold or warm water.

Volunteers drank through a straw attached to the palate and indicated when the pain is felt and when to start over.

The results showed that pain happens to at the same time when the artery, called the anterior cerebral artery, opens and flood the brain with blood. Then, slowly and limited, pain began to recede.

According to the Dailymail, Harvard researcher Jorge Serrador said that blood flow could be a defense mechanism, designed to keep warm and keep the brain working.

However, blood flow that suddenly floods the brain tends to increase the pressure within the skull and cause pain. Thus, to halt the pressure to dangerous levels, artery blocks blood flow and brings the pressure back down.

He believes that by mimicking the same mechanism, the phenomenon of freezing of the brain will help find better treatments for relieving migraine and other types of other headaches. There are other unique ways to reduce migraines, in a previous study it was even found that cycling can relieve migraines.