Identical Twins Both Suffer Anorexia

Mary and Katy Campbell anorexia

photo: daily mail

Identical twins Mary and Katy Campbell, 33, both suffer from anorexia. Their bodies are very skinny. In fact, the bone shape in their bodies are clearly visible. Both do not like to eat since the age of 11 years old.

Maria and Katy did have one obsession, which is to always stay slim. Imagine, with a height of 1.52 meters, they weigh only 38 kilograms!

Their obsession began when Maria overheard a conversation of their parents when they were 11 years old. Their father expressed his concern of the twins who seems to have grown into teenage girls.

Their father saw their bodies change with the curve of their hips. Maria also told it to her twin sister Katy. “We want revenge. I remember screaming at him that I would never menstruate,” says Maria, according to the Daily Mail.

Since then, they decided to stop eating to remove the curves on their hips. Since then, they agreed to do it (stop eating).

They not only lost the form of hip, but they also damaged their health because of anorexia. When they started to become adults, their bodies were not normal, even their voices sound like voices of children.

Now they are undergoing treatment in a hospital for several months. “I lost everything because of this disease, my life, my home, hair, job, everything,” said Maria.

Katy also complained that she could no longer walk, her back hurts, has irregular heartbeat, osteoporosis, chronic gastric disease, and her pancreas and kidneys are also not normal.

They hope to become normal with treatment in hospital. Doctors advise that they add weight by consuming 3,000 calories a day.