Identify factors that cause skin cancer


factors that cause skin cancerThere are still many people who are less aware of the importance of skin health. Most of them are more aware of the beauty of the skin. In fact, if the skin is not maintained then the health risk of deadly diseases such as cancer. To identify the triggers that skin cancer as reported by Fox News (1/7)

family history
If your mother, father, siblings have a history of skin cancer, then your risk of contracting the disease was 50 percent greater than that of others. If more distant relatives, such as grandparents or cousins??-like disease has been diagnosed, you are still at risk, but not much.

Often being outdoors
If you have a skin type that is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, the younger your skin will burn and blister when exposed to sunlight. Especially if you frequently spend time outdoors unprotected.

The use of tanning beds
Tanning beds are devices used to help make a person’s skin to brown, like basking in the sun. However, these tools actually increase the risk of melanoma, a deadly skin cancer. Tanning bed users 74 percent more likely to develop melanoma than those not ever wear it. To that end, avoid tanning beds now.

Pale skin
Women whose skin is too pale white even means lack melanin, which is the skin’s natural protection from the sun naturally. Conversely, the darker the color of one’s skin, the higher the mean levels melaninnya. This minimizes the risk of skin cancer.

Living in the tropics!
The tropical climate makes you exposed to strong UV radiation throughout the year. As for if you live in an area with an altitude of 1,000 meters for each above sea level, UV exposure can increase by 4 to 5 percent.

Understand the causes of skin cancer that prevented you from deadly disease.