Illegal Breast Milk Soled in the Black Market in China


breast milk soledAlthough controversial, buying and selling breast milk in Europe and America can still be done openly and even can be processed into ice cream and yoghurt. But in China, the exclusive milk for baby are sold in the black market.

China’s Health Ministry expressed concern over illegal trade of breast milk in the black market. Because it is illegal, there is no guarantee of freshness and purity of the breast milk which mothers should be giving exclusively to their infants.

The breast milk which are sold are mostly obtained from mothers who admitted having excess milk production which eventually are sold for mothers who only produce milk in quantities that are not sufficient.

Though many say they sell it to get extra income, illegal breast milk are sold very cheaply on the black market. The range of prices is between 39 to 100 Yuan (about 6 to 15 U.S. dollars), depending on the freshness.

However, because the average milk sold has been frozen, it is difficult to distinguish weather the milk is really fresh or had been stored for a long time. Another risk for the buyer is that there is no guarantee that the it is purely breast mild because it could be mixed with cow’s milk.

“Even though it is pure breast milk, nutritional needs of each baby is different and can only be met from the milk produced by their own mother,” said Zhang Junping, obstetrician from the Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in China, according to Medindia.

Junping is also concerned about the differences in the composition of breast milk on sale, because it could trigger allergies in babies who consume it. Not to mention if there is contamination of bacteria or other germs during storage, the babies who consume it could have deadly infection.

According to China’s Health Ministry regulations, breast milk is classified as a special food or beverage that can not be processed and sold.