Imitation Jewelery Causes Skin Allergies


cheap jewelry skin allergyThere are many causes why human are affected of allergies, it could be causes by foods or something we wear on our skin, even exercising can also cause allergies.  A previous study even mentioned that air fresheners and scented candles triggers allergies. Well, a research done by a  team of scientists who are members of The Ecology Center, California, said that the use of cheap jewelry can damage the health of the skin.

According to the  Dailymail, it is probably not comparable if we have to spend more of our money in pursuit of the word ‘cool’. The researchers found the presence of hazardous substances at a number of inexpensive jewelry sold high-street fashion brands.

The team conducted the research by buying some jewelry as much as 99 items from Claire’s retail, Forever 21, and H & M, in some places in the United States. Professor of Chemistry from Ashland University, Jeffrey Weidenhamer, Ph. D, found that from 99 jewelries, 25 percent contain hazardous materials. Levels also have passed the limits prescribed by the Commission on Consumer Protection.

Weidenhamer found a cheap metal content that is easy to melt. “The direct effects that can be generated on the skin is itching and skin irritation, and the effects are more susceptible to children,” he said.

The professors also complained the weakness of the the manufacturer who are irresponsible. “There is no reason for them to mass-produce goods with hazardous materials on this planet,” he said.

Well, if you happen to experience skin allergies like mentioned above, it is best that you know the causes of allergies to reduce it.