Importance of Farting After Surgery


after surgery Health TipsAfter surgery patients generally should not eat, drink and stay in the hospital until the patient successfully removes the gas from his body. Why is farting important after surgery?

Waiting until you fart is sometimes uncomfortable for some people especially for women. But farting after surgery is an important thing that must be notified to the doctor or nurses. Because it demonstrates progress from within the patient.

As quoted from About.Surgery, Friday (9/4/2010) Aanesthesia used for operations not only make patients fall asleep and not feel anything, but it also makes small-and large intestine of these patients also ‘fell asleep’ .

During surgery the intestines or entrails fell asleep and does not do any movement that passes through the digestive system, then automatically it indicates there is no gas passes.

After the surgery is complete, and the person is already aware, then they must get the gas out of the body first. If the gas in the body has been successfully removed then it indicates that the contents of the stomach is up from sleep and can work again.

Most surgeons will not allow patients to go home or out go of the hospital if they have not fart, because it marks the digestive system is not functioning normally, unless there are other things that makes the situation different.

If someone who have not fart force to eat, drink or go out of the hospital, it is worried that the intestine has not been able to function normally so that there is a possibility of obstruction when the food passes through the intestines.

For someone who just finished doing surgery, they should not underestimate a fart, because it indicates wether the person’s digestive system is back to normal.