Important And Useful Benefits Of Gomukhasana


Gomukhasana is also known as Cow Face Pose. If you happen to look at this asana from behind it would resemble the face of the cow, due to this reason, this name has been given to this asana. Another theory for this name being given is that, the pose depicts the sitting position of the cow. The way this asana is done, makes it very easy to stretch most parts of your body.

The benefits are enormous and very useful as each part of your body is stretched making it more flexible. It helps ones energy level to be at its optimum high making it very useful for your lethargic body. The toning of muscles becomes very important while doing this asana. It may be difficult at the first instance but once you happen to do it regularly you may be able to master the same.

The stretching and toning of the thighs and knees muscles makes you agile and more in control. A sense of achievement is attained when your hands touch each other. Your arms and shoulders also get stretched at the same time making helping you in the long run.

Your biceps and muscles including your back are strengthened which helps you do this asana in an erect position. It helps create a stagnant state which helps you to keep the body straight and very much parallel to the floor. Back and shoulder problems can be easily solved and treated by this asana.

Sitting in our office seats from which we hardly happen to get up, the stretching of every ligament in our body makes it worth doing this asana. Your hips and thighs, ankles, triceps and armpits are stretched. People suffering from problems like hernia and arthritis may see improvement in their health. The twisting and turning of your shoulders and wrists also helps your body’s free movement.

You can also try variations in your asansa by using props such as a rope, if your hand doesn’t happen to meet. With a partner around who would help you stretch or pull a little you can make your hands meet. The partner may also help you place your leg on top of each other, which you find to do.

People who are little flexible can do this asana with a slight stretch on the first attempt. But people who have very stiff bodies and are very tight at the shoulder would have to face some problem. In this case the use of a prop becomes very important to attain that level of satisfaction with your asana. Anyone who is suffering from any medical condition should check up with their doctor or yoga instructor before doing any of the asanas.