Insomnia increases the risks of heart failure


Insomnia increases the risks of heart failurePeople with insomnia not only finds it difficult to sleep and makes the body feel weak during the day. But they are also at risk of developing heart failure, according to a new research.

A total of 54,279 respondents aged 20-89 years old were included in the study. Their conditions were monitored for more than 11 years to make sure of the three types of insomnia suffered.

Sleep disturbances or insomnia includes difficulty to fall asleep, frequent waking during sleeps, and not feeling refreshed after waking. Researchers also reported that people who suffers from those conditions have greater risk of heart failure.

“This does not mean that insomnia is a cause of heart failure. Yet there is a strong link between the two health problems,” says researcher Dr Lars Laugsand from the Norwegian University, as quoted by the Daily Mail (06/03).

Heart failure occurs when the heart valves are damaged and are too weak to pump blood throughout the body. As a result, patients will be fatigue, experience difficulty in breathing, accelerated heart rate, and swollen ankles.

Dr Laugsand is not sure why insomnia is associated with a higher risk of heart failure. But he suspects that sleep problems triggers stress response and adversely affect the function of the heart.

“Insomnia can be cured with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and quitting smoking. So do not take medication to sleep if you experience insomnia, but find the cause and then correct it,” advised Dr Lausand.

This study has also been reported in the European Heart Journal.