Insomnia is Contagious Among Family Members


InsomniaIf you suffer from sleep disorders or insomnia, try to find out if there are any family members who experience the same trouble. It could be that you have contracted the disease from relatives. A study in Canada found, insomnia can be transmitted from one family member to another.

Researchers from the School of Psychology at Laval University Canada found that each person has a risk of “contracting” sleep disorders by 37 percent. The research tested 3,485 people who participated. Everyone were have asked whether their sleep quality is good or not. When there are sleep disorders, they also will be asked whether there are relatives who have similar disorders.

As many as 40 percent of respondents acknowledged that there are at least one person who suffered from insomnia in their families. Among respondents, 76 percent said having a family member who experienced sleep disturbances, 21 percent said there are two, and three percent had three relatives who suffer from insomnia.

According to Genius Beauty, expert concluded that the risk of insomnia depends on the number of family members who first experienced it. The more family members experience sleep disturbances, the greater the risk of other family members have the disease.

Scientists have yet found the influence of genetic factors on the infectious nature of insomnia. They suspect this is probably caused by an innate lack of sleep and excessive anxiety.