Insomnia Threatens Your Work Achievement


insomnia affect work achievementHow is your sleep these days? Is it enough to provide quality work concentration? A new survey from Harvard Medical School noted that insomnia or sleep disorders are responsible for 274,000 accidents and work-related errors each year. This certainly gives an impact on your work performance record.

Sleepiness, is a great enemy of the focus of work. When you are tired, the power of memory, coordination and attention begins to decline. In this study, Victoria Shahly, a clinical psychologist and instructor at Harvard Medical School, Boston, and his colleagues tried to link insomnia and its effect on employment.

In 2008 and 2009, the survey was also conducted on more than 10,000 people in the United States. The study found 5.5 percent of accidents on respondents. This amount is greater when compared with accidents of those that do not suffer from insomnia, which is 4 percent.

Some insomnia patients do therapy using sleeping pills, but this only gives a short effect. “You can give them a sleeping pill, but this only works in the short term. These drugs provide little benefit,” said Kevin Morgan, director at Loughborough University, in Leicestershire, England.

However, insomnia can only be overcome with cognitive behavioral therapy, which is designed to help change the mindset of a person, associated with psychological tranquility.