Interesting Questions About Cancer


Cancer DoctorPerhaps because of fear, sometimes people are afraid to discuss cancer that is very deadly. Yet many questions which are very important to be answered so it does not bring any misunderstanding.

Well, here are some interesting questions about cancer.

How many types of cancer are there?
In total there are over 200 types of cancer, but some are called rare because it does not happen often.

Does cancer hurt?
Most cancers are not preceded by symptoms of pain. Cancer cell itself does not cause pain, but continues to grow and push the surrounding tissue so it hurts.

How can cancer kill?
Cancer that continues to grow can take over the function of organs, such as the lungs so it causes breathing  difficulty. It could also inhibit the digestive tract so it can not absorb food.

If grown in the liver or bone, the effect is a chemical imbalance. This condition can cause coma, paralysis and even death.

However, not all types of cancer is deadly. Some of them have a chance of healing up to 90 percent.

How many stages of cancer are there?
There are 4 stages based on the spread of cancer cells, ranging from stage 1 which was localized to stage 4 which has spread to other tissues. Sometimes there are some who mentions stage 5 for the terminal condition that could not be cured.

If you ever had cancer, will the possibility to be exposed to other types of cancer increase?
If you have undergone radiotherapy, sometimes not only the cancer cells are dead. Some of the surrounding tissue were damaged or even mutate into cancer cells so generally the risk is higher. But the increase is very small, much greater if the cancer is not treated first.

Is cancer contagious?
Cancer is a process of internal change that occurs at the cellular level, while the cells are not likely to be infectious. so do not be afraid, it is not contagious.

Can cancer be treated with organ transplants?
If cancer cells have spread, organ transplants will not stop the spread of cancer. Even for an organ transplant to be accepted, the body must be given injections that weaken the immune system so that the natural resistance against cancer also weaken.

Can diet and exercise cure cancer?
A healthy diet and regular exercise would be much better if done to prevent cancer. If you already have cancer,  your body condition decreases so should not diet and exercise more than what is recommended by your doctor.

What cancer is most easily cured?
In men, prostate and testicular cancer (testicles) is a type of cancer with the highest healing opportunities. While in women, type of cancer that is most easily to overcome is breast and cervical cancer.

Source: DailyMail