Interval training, proper exercise to lose weight


Interval training is a type of exercise that forces the body to work harder. In addition, this exercise can also increase the body’s metabolism. So those of you who are trying to lose weight should try to do more interval training.

The other positive side of interval training is to help you reduce stress and anxiety. Increases endurance and makes you more fit. Check out this complete explanation of interval training, as quoted from Health Me Up.

What is interval training?
The basis of interval training is a sport that gives pause on the sidelines of physical activity. For example, you change the speed every minute at regular intervals. Even weight lifting can also be called interval training.

Examples of interval training is that you run fast for two minutes followed by walking for the same time. Then the activity is repeated for several times to 10-20 minutes. In addition to running, swimming, cycling, running, and weight lifting can also adopt interval workout.

Slim with interval training
Interval training begins with speed or high intensity body movements, but then takes a break. So that the body can not work in a stable condition and will be constantly trying to adjust movement. So obviously interval training can burn more fat, strengthen muscles, and improve cardiovascular fitness.

How often should you do interval training?
You can do interval training one to three times a week. What you have to remember is to keep a duration of about 10-20 minutes for best results. Over train then you may experience fatigue which could even harm the body.

Who can do it?
Anyone can do interval training to keep in shape and maintain ideal weight. But for those of you who have certain health conditions, you should consult a physician to determine whether interval training is safe or not.

That is interval training, exercise that is right for you who want to lose weight. Interested to try?