Iron in spinach helps women cope with PMS


Iron in spinach helps women cope with PMSIron-rich foods can lower suspected pain common in women during PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome), one of which is spinach. Recent research suggests that a diet rich in iron can relieve heartburn, irritation, and depression that became common symptoms of PMS.

Women who consumes more iron than 20 milligrams has a 35 percent lower likelihood to experience pain during menstruation or PMS compared to women who consumes less iron in a day.

You can easily get iron intake by eating a bowl of cereal or spinach alone which can give you 24 milligrams of iron.

“Iron is important and necessary, especially for women who are menstruating,” said nutritionist Mayling Kajiya, as reported by the NY Daily News (27/02).

Women who are menstruating should eat foods such as dark green leafy vegetables before taking pills to ease the pain of PMS. In addition, it is expected to consume a lot of vitamin C, as this vitamin helps the body absorb iron.

If there are natural foods that can reduce pain due to menstruation, why should you choose drugs from chemicals?

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