Is Breast Pain Before Periods Normal?


Breast PainBreast pains or tenderness are complaints of many women. Breast pain is generally observed in the duration before periods and onset of menstruation cycle. The breast pain or tenderness is also during and after the menstruation as well. 

But is this breast pain normal? Breast pain before periods is normal for many women as it is a part of the premenstrual syndrome (PMS). The PMS syndrome also includes pain in the lower tummy, mood swings and restlessness.

In this article, we shall discuss how breast pain before periods is normal for many and no breast tenderness before periods is also normal. In rare cases only, generally during the initial years of menstruation, the breast pain might get serious and severe.

Hormonal fluctuations – The major reason for the no breast tenderness is because of the higher secretion of estrogen, which is the female hormones. The excess discharge leads to stiffening of the breast tissues and hence, the breasts become hard. Therefore, no tender breast before period is normal. This usually happens on the 21st day of the menstruation cycle. Therefore, these symptoms are observed in many women before periods. Unless it is very painful and severe, the condition is normal and should not alarm you too much.

Observed in all – Almost every woman goes through the phase where breast starts to pain a lot before periods. This is due to the premenstrual syndrome. Thus, you must not take tension and worry a lot if your breasts pain during or before your menstruation cycle. This also proves that breast pain before periods is normal and should be taken seriously only in cases where the pain becomes non-tolerable.

Side effects – Sometimes, after marriage, women tend to take pills to keep a check on pregnancy. But once they stop the pills, there is a sudden rush of hormones because of which there is breast tenderness and pain observed. This is totally normal if you have taken the pills regularly and have stopped it suddenly. But in case you think something is extremely wrong, you may visit a gynecologist.

Obesity – Over weight and improper lifestyle is one reason for the breast pain and tenderness. This can not harm the woman a lot and the major breast pain is because of the weight, hence the breast pain before periods is normal. To reduce the amount of pain, you can eat fat-free foods and oil-free food. Also drinking a lot of water may help with the pain.

Growing girls – It is possible that young girls can go through a lot of pain when they start menstruating. Breast pain or tenderness is also common in the young girls. Therefore, you must not be tensed if you are young and menstruating for the first time.