Is doing a mammogram every two years effective?


mammogram every two yearsIn the debate about mammograms in breast cancer patients, a study found that a mammogram is safe if done once in every two years in breast cancer patients aged 50 to 74 years.

This study shows that mammograms is even safe in women using hormone therapy or have dense breasts. This discovery also explains that women should perform a mammogram screening every two years starting at age 50 years, instead of checking per year starting at age 40 years.

This recommendation is considered controversial because it reduces the frequency of mammograms screening and delaying examination from age 40 years to 50 years. This is contrary to the assumption that the faster the check-up and the faster the cancer cells are found, the easier it will be to treat and cure breast cancer.

Although the results of this study recommend other ways, The American Cancer Society will continue to advise women to consult annually beginning at age 40 years.

“I do not think that the results of the study could change everything. There are many studies that reveal different results in recent years,” said Dr. Otis Brawley, chief of the American Cancer Society, as reported by Reuters Health (18/03).

Brawley did not expect any changes to the way mammograms should be done. Even so, Brawley expect doctors and other professionals to be more personal when performing examinations in breast cancer patients. Some women need a checkup every six months, while others every two years.

Each woman could have different needs, because each woman has different risk factors. Some women may have a higher risk of cancer so they have to do a mammogram every year while others do not.