Is drinking chocolate milk at breakfast healthy?


 When you’re bored and not feeling like having breakfast, many people just drink a glass of milk in the morning. Will this be enough to provide the same nutrients with breakfast? Certainly a glass of milk is better than skipping breakfast at all.

If you only have time to drink a glass of milk at breakfast, it is better to choose chocolate milk. When wanting instant food, nutritious drink for breakfast such as chocolate milk is the best choice. Chocolate milk contains vitamins and other essential substances such as calcium, iron, and magnesium.

But before getting used to drinking chocolate milk in the morning, you should consider first some facts about chocolate milk, as reported by Boldsky (01/03).

1. Sources of nutrients
Chocolate milk is a good source of nutrients. You not only can have it at breakfast, but also after exercise. Fitness trainers usually recommend drinking chocolate milk after exercise because it can provide essential nutrients to restore power after exercising.

2. A light breakfast
If you are setting up a heavy lunch, milk chocolate could be the right choice for a nutritious breakfast. Drinking a glass of chocolate milk with biscuits will keep you full for a few hours and make you able to eat a lot during lunch hour.

3. The level of sugar in it
The level of sugar in chocolate milk could reap controversy. If you have a problem with sugar, you should avoid other sweet foods while drinking chocolate milk. By doing so, the sugar found in chocolate milk will not disturb your health.

4. Add nutrients
In your opinion, is there not enough nutritious chocolate milk? You can add some other ingredients such as almonds, or cashews in it. This not only makes chocolate milk taste better, but also healthy and nutritious.

5. Only drink once
If you or your child have chocolate milk at breakfast, you should not let them drink again at day or night. Limit drinking chocolate milk only once a day to prevent weight gain.

So, those are some facts about chocolate milk. Now you can decide whether chocolate milk is nutritious enough to serve breakfast. Surely there are many types of food that is more nutritious than chocolate milk for breakfast. But at certain moments when you do not have the time and want an instant breakfast, then chocolate milk can be your savior.