Is Getting A Tan Dangerous for My Health



The direct answer is yes. According to various recent scientific studies, having a tan increases a person’s chances of developing a kind of a serious and dangerous skin cancer, known as Malignant Melanoma. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) clearly states that is of vital importance for people to protect their skin again the harmful UV radiation. Whether you enjoy being at the beach or under a tanning bed, the hot sun or the special tanning bed lamps carry these hazardous UV rays that can result in serious health problems if you do not protect yourself adequately all year around.

Different cultures, like the southern Mediterranean countries of Europe, still consider tan to be a very important beauty mark, while others, like countries in Asia or of the North part of earth’s hemisphere believe that the fairness of the skin is indicative of a person’s attractiveness. Social roles and economic status have been related over the past in accordance to the skin color a person carried. Particularly, French and British aristocracy has become legendary for their focus on maintaining a very light skin tone all year around. Although some would frown upon such superficial mentalities existing today, all tend to agree after realizing the recent scientific research outcomes that the tone our skin carries, especially during the sunny summer months, is still very important, but for totally different reasons and with totally different consequences.

Experts today advice against overexposure to the sun or to the tanning beds, not only to reduce the premature aging of the skin, but for much more harmful effects that show up years after the actual exposure. The safest way to enjoy the sun, especially during its strongest hours, is to protect the skin of your body and face by wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen carrying a label of SPF 15 or more. Additionally, umbrellas, hats and shadow places can protect you from endangering your health. Avoid exposing your bearskin directly under the sun, especially between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. that its rays are vertically hitting the earth’s surface and always remember to protect those in need, like children or the elderly. Remember to drink a lot of fluids to avoid dehydration and check your sunscreen cream’s expiration date in order to avoid having to deal later with an irritated or even burned skin. Sports and beauty tips are not always healthy. Read, learn and advice others. Prevention is certainly the best policy on this issue.