Is it normal to Wake Up in the Middle of the Night?


middle-of-the-night insomniAccording to a recent survey, more than one third of U.S. adults wake up in the middle of the night regularly. Nearly half of them, who have the nocturnal awakenings syndrome, could not immediately go back to sleep.

Doctors usually diagnose the condition as a sleep disorder. To care for those affected by middle-of-the-night insomnia, doctors prescribe drugs.

From recent researches, the condition of waking up at night is not at all abnormal. The condition is a human body’s natural rhythm.

According to historians and psychiatrists, routine sleep habits for eight hours as it is commonly done at this time is never found before in the history of human life.

“We have been sleeping in a wrong way. If you experiencing insomnia, chances are you’re a normal person, “said Roger Ekirch, researcher from Virginia Tech University, according to Life’s Little Mysteries.

Ekirch says, dominant sleeping patterns, since along time ago has two stages. “People slept in two block hours of time with four hours period,” said Ekrich. “Every stage of sleep are separated by periods of waking in the middle of the night which lasted for an hour or more,” he said.

“In the wake period, the ancients sometimes lie in bed, pray, think about their dreams, or speak with their partner,” said Ekrich. “Some other people probably get up and do other things or even visits a neighbor before returning to bed,” he said.

The evidence of the existence of “first stage sleep” or “deep sleep” and “second stage sleep” or “morning sleep” itself is found, generally in the literature or documents in pre-industrial era in Europe.

“But gradually, since the 19th century, references to sleep around gradually began to disappear,” says Ekirch. “Currently, the behavior instead is referred to insomnia.”